The “Diesel Processor Unit” is a mechanical/chemical device that increase diesel fuel efficiency by about 22 percent and reduces stack emissions by 80-90%.
The technology is patented, verified and certified by TÜV, CE and ISO. It is currently being used on merchant ships and has been developed for almost all types of transport and stationary diesel engines.

The technology has also recently been develop to work on Common Rail diesel injector systems, so essentially the system can work on any diesel engine around the world.
The first commercial applications are on marine diesels in The Netherlands. The system can be modified to work on heavy marine fuels. This is a goal of ours since the 25 largest merchant ships on earth produce more pollution than the entire world auto fleet.

We currently are developing an exclusive license for use by a group in UK.
The Diesel Processor Unit is a tested and certified and proven technology that uses engine heat and a special reaction chamber to physically and chemically modify the diesel fuel prior to entry into the existing injector system of the diesel engine. There are no moving parts and no wear of any kind on the existing engine.
The advantages of the Diesel Processor Unit:

  • Full engine performance with less wear
  • Fuel savings of approximately 8 to 15% depending on the condition of the engine, use of the engine and driving style.
  • Reduction of exhaust emissions, significantly reduced turbidity values of exhaust.
  • Environmentally friendly product through better fuel economy, clean combustion and less pollution
  • The Diesel Processor Unit is maintenance free and causes no wear on the engine
  • OEM production in Germany
  • DEKRA, TÜV and SGS certified