The eBee system is an electrical generator that uses partially dissociated water as a fuel to burn in a normal gasoline engine. Once the water.gas generator is started by battery, the system produces enough energy to continue running.

The normal size of this system is from about 3 kW to 25 kW. The system is currently in final development phase prior to certification in Europe.
Partially dissociated water has been known for decades and exists in many forms. One name is Brown’s Gas, which is commonly consider or known of as a fringe science item.
This is silly since Brown’s Gas generators have been used to power cutting torches and jewelry torches for years.
Anyone can buy one of these torches, powered by wateralone.

In the case of the technology being developed by our inventor in Germany, a special form of dissociated water is used to burn in a specially modified gasoline engine.
In the photo above, the yellow item is a gasoline engine turning a standard 3.5 kW electrical generator. The equipment below the engine and control panel is the water/gas generator system. Water is the fuel and water is the exhaust from the engine. The system can be closed so all the water is recycled through the system over and over.

energy7 stands behind the inventor during the development of this system, holding an exclusive world wide license from the inventor for its use once perfected and certified.
This system is perfect for off-grid energy generation, such as cell-towers or rural village electrification.

The second electrical generator system by this same inventor is a magnetic generator.
Specially designed magnets arraigned in a special configuration turn a very special electrical generator that can produce up to 3 kW of electricity.
Once the generator starts revolving it never stops.

This generator prototype is running continuously in the lab of the inventor. This sort of generator would be perfect for home generator systems.