energy7 has tried for many years to find a successful and appropriate system of converting all types of solid and liquid waste into various types of energy. Almost all existing system had major flaws of one sort or another, but the main flaw has been system inflexibility: the waste to energy systems developed and in use had serious flexibility issues regarding the waste they could handle and the output they could generate.
There always seemed to be the “Oh sorry, our system cannot process that waste”, or, ‘Sorry, we cannot produce that output.”

Then we were introduced to the Daxiom system, a fully functional waste to energy plant developed for the military to military specifications. The plant equipment can be ordered fine tuned to various waste input sources, such as Municipal Solid Waste, wet sewage, industrial wastes, plastic wastes, waste tires, petroleum wastes, animal and human wastes. The output can be developed for many different types of products.

The system produces syn-gas with no pollution output at all and almost no carbon or ash waste.
The gasifier is as efficient as possible for the waste stream. Then the syn-gas is either burned in a special engine to produce electricity via a normal electrical generator, or the syn-gas is converted to a number of different high quality fuels, such as low sulfur diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, or various types of liquid petroleum gases. In all cases there is no pollution output and the fuels are as clear as is possible to be

The system comes with a performance bond, upon proper due diligence of the installation and operations team by the bond issuer, AIG. The equipment manufacturer maintains operational management of the processor plant itself for the 25 year life of the plant. Scheduled equipment downtime is only 1/2 day per month. There are no needed special chemicals or processing equipment.

The Daxiom system is the best on the market, in our opinion, and has the capability of making great inroads into environmental clean up and production of fuel and energy from what would normally be lost to humanity.
energy7 functions as a developer of a local waste to energy plant, putting together the local team with the Daxiom team, in such a way as to ensure long term success and profitability for all involved.